The Simple Indexing Spacer can be mounted on milling machines, drilling machines and other machine tool where an indexing facility is required. The 3-jaw chucks of both the CC-6” and the CC-8” models have a large through bores of 44mm and 63mm respectively. 

These Indexing Spacers are designed for using in horizontal or vertical positions. The master Indexing plate has 24 divisions and is permanently fixed inside the indexer. Divisions of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 can also be achieved by the use of the sub-plates, which can be installed quickly following these steps: 

  1. Open Rear Cover
  2. Insert Plate
  3. Close Cover
  4. Loosen Locking Handle
  5. Move Dividing Pin so as to separate it from the Master Plate
  6. Turn the Chuck. When the Master Plate and Sub Plate are aligned, the Pin will lock into the slot automatically.
  7. Fasten Locking Handle ready for machining
REMARK:"Operation and Service Manual" is included for reference 
  • Tail Stock
    TS-4 for CC-6”
    TS-5 for CC-8”

  • 3-Jaw Chuck
    6" 3-Jaw Chuck for CC-6”
    8" 3-Jaw Chuck for CC-8”

Unit: mm
ModelDirect IndexingABCDEabhGuide blockDiameter of Hole
Weight (kg)