• Super-Big Jaw Opening: 10” for TV-6” and 12” for TV-8”
  • Advanced clamping style by front pulling, which enhances the clamping force and its accuracy
  • Constructed with wider fixed jaw by 4 bolts locked on top and lager keyway to ensure accuracy and durability
  • Two sides of vise body can be used as datum surfaces


Swivel Base

SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 60 Ductile Iron. Hardness: HRC 50º)
Unit: mm
TV-6” Super-Open 10”11377±0.012501001645548424019
TV-8” Super-Open 12”13987±0.013051381657062030019
МodelJKLMWeight (kg)
TV-6” Super-Open 10”191604416225032938946836
TV-8” Super-Open 12”242156123030541946958362