• 1.Two set screws in the Fixed-Jaw ensure that it does not tilt backwards when a very high clamping force is applied.
  • 2.Iron leadscrew Cover protects leadscrew from swarf.
  • 3.Both sides of Slideways are HEAT TREATED.
  • 4.ANGLE LOCK MECHANISM creates downward pressure on Jaw ensuring both jaws are parallel during clamping
  • 5.Needle Bearing Thrust Collar cuts friction and increases clamping pressures 80%


SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 55 Ductile Iron. Hardness: HRC 45º)
Unit: mm/inch
Model    AB
6" SUPER-OPEN 8"19071/2"263103/8"349133/4"413161/4"11441/24215/8
ModelCDEFGHIJKWeight (kg)
6" SUPER-OPEN 8"19873/4"336131/4"43317"300113/4"23893/8"193/4"183/4"183/4"75263/64"50