Specialist In Milling

Internationally Renowned for Unsur

Passed Reliability and Superior Quality

  • Established in 1978.
  • Factory dimension: 6000 m2.
  • All specifications of parts are unified.

We are a professional manufacturer specialized in producing Milling accessories since 1978. Our product range covers the most advanced Vises for CNC machining Centers, Precision Index Tables, Super Divider as well as various kinds of tools, CNC Workholding equipments...,etc. It has been our firm belief that quality is our company life, we have invested the most advanced manufacturing facilities for processing the critical parts/components, the facilities include CNC Machining Centers, CNC Lathes, Grinding Machines, ... etc.

cnc workholding

As a result, the accuracy of our products is outstanding in terms of Hardness, Flatness, Squareness, Parallelism, Angularity, Concentricity...,etc. We now are keeping ahead of other manufacturers in the field of milling accessories in Taiwan. With enriched experience and expertise, research and development, today our products are very popular and enjoy a good reputation all over the world. Furthermore, we have spared efforts in developing a wider range of Milling tools/accessories to provide our customers with full satisfaction.