1. A special SPRING DEVICE allows an extra tolerance of up to 5mm in workpiece sizes, which enables automatically quick positioning and clamping.


2. The vise can hold 2 workpieces of different sizes with max. difference of 25mm.

3. The Special ANGLE-LOCK SYSTEM with compact design and high-grade iron of over FCD 60 grade for high rigidity automatically pulls the workpiece down to its accurate position.

4. Fixed Height, so several vises can be used together.

5. Double Leadscrew Covers protect Leadscrew from swarf.


6. The patented MULTI-POWER SYSTEM built of HIGH GRADE BEARING STEEL doubles the clamping force.
The pressure is more consistent and eliminates all leakage and maintenance problems associated with Hydraulic Vices.
With the first half a turn the vise will clamp with 2500kg pressure.
With a second half turn it will apply 4500kg of clamping force.

This special patented system makes the clamping force constant.

SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 60 Ductile Iron. Hardness: HRC 50º)
Unit: mm
ModelABCC1EFGHIJJ1KK1MWeight (kg)


  • 2 pcs of Alignment Wedge
  • 4 pcs of Clamp
  • 1 pc of Handle
  • 1 pc of T Type Wrench