This is the “ Just Right ” vise for use on all your tape controlled machine tools. What the vise doesn’t have is a coolant through. This enables you to anchor a series of these vises snuggle side-by-side on the machine bed. A number of similar parts can be clamped and machined at the same time, with minimum center-to-center machining distance. Up goes your production rate; down goes costs. Both sides are precision ground square to bottom and parallel with each other and so the vise can also be used at vertical position with its vise bed perfectly perpendicular to the machine table. 

  • Can be placed side-by-side on your N/C equipment. 
  • Permits fast accurate multiple machining. 
  • Sides ground. 
  • ACCURACY Both sides square to bottom to 0.01mm and parallel with each other to 0.02mm (All others same as HAV-6” Vise.) 
  • Keyways on bottom to steady jaw plate. 

SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 55 Ductile lron)
Unit: mm
ModelABCabc1defWeight (kg)