• Constructed with HYDRAULIC CYLINDER, which absorbs cutting vibration and improves the precision of machining whilst maintaining a high clamping force.
  • The clamping force can be adjusted accurately by use of a DIAL.
  • Vise Body is made of high tensile cast iron. The Sideways are hardened and ground to ensure rigidity, durability and minimal deformation.
  • The vise Jaws are made of a special hardened ALLOY STEEL and are precision ground.

Unit: mm
ModelABCDEFGHIJKLClamping FroceWeight (kg)
Weight (kg)
Swivel Base
HH-100 10536170525440135170955880951472500kg217
HH-125 1304822067055017520712070.5971071953000kg388
HH-150 1505330080062018222513582.51161172104500kg5311
HH-200 200623009006802602801621001601502608000kg9513