• High clamping force of 0-8000KG
  • Pressure Adjusting Knob: for quick operations
  • Adjustable clamping force of 0-8000kg depends on the material of work-piece.
  • Safety range is 8mm.
  • 1.The new Patented PNEUMATIC SYSTEM is designed to enhance clamping force of 0-5000kg and can be adjusted depending on the material of work-piece.
  • 2.Vise body is made of Ductile Iron above FCD 60 grade for high precision and durability. With a force of 4500kg, the shape will deflect less than 0.01mm.
  • 3.Slide ways are HARDENED to HRC 50º to further increase durability and maintain positioning height over long use.
  • 4.The special ANGLE -LOCK SYSTEM with compact design and high-grade iron of over FCD 60 grade for high rigidity automatically pulls the work-piece down to the accurate position of within 0.01mm under 4500kg.
  • 5.Tubes are designed with different colors for quick repair.
  • 6.Security design ensures the vise holds clamping force for 3 minutes, if the air supply is cut.

Fixed height so several vises can be used together. 

This vise is highly suitable for precision mould making on machining centers as well as heavy duty machining which require high clamping force with high accuracy.

Pneumatic power source 6kg/cm2

clamping force of pneumatic vise_hbv

SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 60 Ductile Iron. Hardness: HRC 50º)
Unit: mm
HBV-4”-100 145100±0.01 1001451832047510010
HBV-5”-150 157105±0.011501451838056013014
HBV-6”-160160105±0.01 1601451840058016014
HBV-6”-250 160105±0.01 2501451849067016014
HBV-8”-300170110±0.01 3001801857075020014
ModelJKMax. Clamping Force Safety RangeWeight (kg)
HBV-4”-1001548 0-3500 kg 8 mm 40
HBV-5”-150 1555 0-3500 kg 8 mm 47
HBV-6”-160 15580-5000 kg 8 mm 50
HBV-6”-250 15580-5000 kg 8 mm 56
HBV-8”-300 18630-8000 kg 8 mm 90



  • 2 pcs of Alignment Wedge
  • 4 pcs of Clamp
  • 1 pc of Handle




1) Cross Grooved Jaws

Cross Grooved Jaws

2) V' Jaws

V' Jaws

3) Combined Jaws

Combined Jaws

4) Step Jaws