• Made of permanent Neodymium magnet, no electricity, no power outage risk.
  • The safety factor is 3.5 times. Permanent Magnetic Lifter provides strong and stable magnetic force with easy operation and increase productivity.
  • The special V-type design at the bottom of Permanent Magnetic Lifter can lift the steel plate and round steel...etc.
  • Suitable for moving workpiece and molds that made of magnetic material steel, iron and cast iron.

Applicable Areas:

  • Steel industries, foundries, fabrication factories, shipyards and transport industries.

Unit: mm
ModelABCDEFGHSafety FactorWeight
ECMC-M 100903.5602.4753461.81305.1321.31365.41164.6x 3.536.6
ECMC-M 3001616.3903.5963.85121606.3451.81937.61897.4919.8
ECMC-M +6002349.21204.71234.8742.92138.4642.526110.326310.42350.6
ECMC-M 100026910.61706.71706.7943.728511.21003.937614.830111.954118.8
ECMC-M 200039015.42168.52158.51054.134813.71214.851220.243217121266.2
ModelSteel Plate
Max. load
Min. thicknessRound Steel Max. loadMax. diameterMax. length
ECMC-M 100100220150.6501101505.950019.7
ECMC-M 3003006602511503302509.880031.5
ECMC-M +6006001320301.230066035013.8120047.2
ECMC-M 100010002200401.6500110045017.7150059
ECMC-M 200020004400552.21000220055021.7180070.9