• Increases the workholding capacity of CNC Machining Centers by holding 2 pieces in each vise.
  • This vise is compact which allowing several vices to be fitted to the worktable at one set up.
  • The special SPRING DEVICE allows an extra tolerance of up to 5mm in two workpiece sizes and enables quick positioning and clamping. 

If the tolerance of two workpieces is more than 5mm, please adjust this screw.

The vise can hold 2 workpieces of different sizes. The maximum opening difference is 70mm.







Central Jaw may be removed to hold a larger workpiece.

Once the centering Jaw is removed the vise is self-centering.

SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 55 Ductile Iron. Hardness: HRC 50º)
Unit: mm/inch
ModelABCDEFGHIJWeight (kg)
HDL-4”92 63 ± 0.017420018395480104141420
HDL-6”11880 ± 0.0110027018517615154191846

  • 2 pcs of Alignment Wedge
  • 4 pcs of Clamp
  • 1 pc of Handle
  • Soft Jaws (4pcs/per set)