Super-Open Quick Action Vise
Product Description
  • Patented MUlTI-POWER SYSTEM provides extremely high clamping force of 0~4500kg.
  • No risk of loss of clamping pressure.
  • No risk of oil leakage like Hydraulic Vises.
  • More compact than Hydraulic Vises.
  • Body has ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION for high rigidity and precision.
  • ANGLE-LOCK MECHANISM provides downward pressure on Jaw to ensure parallel clamping.
  • Both surfaces of Slideways are HEAT TREATED.
  • Large opening capacity up to 300mm.

The patented MULTI -POWER SYSTE M built of HIGH GRADE BEARING STEEL provides extremely high clamping pressure.
The pressure is more consistent and eliminates all leakage and maintenance problems associated with Hydraulic Vises.

SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 60 Ductile Iron. Hardness: HRC 50º)
Unit: mm
V-27 HSAC-160 200 15 300 77 610 139 158 82 63 200 240 190 915 18 58