Aluminum Vise
Product Description
  • The vice body is made of high tensile aluminum alloy and designed for continuous, light-duty operation.
  • It is suitable to use with the groove and hole systems of CNC machining centers and milling machines.
  • Quick change jaws
  • Double and centralized chucking in one system
  • Centralized chucking for high precision


  • Extra 2 pcs of Moveable Jaw &
    1pc of Fixed Jaw
    1pc of Handle
Moveable Jaw and Fixed Jaw are Available for being Ordered Separately.
  • 1.Steel balls recessed in the body allowing the cover plate to be positioned without "play"due to an undersize of the taper bore. This guarantees absolute and exact positioning.
  • 2.Setup takes place easily in seconds whether changing jaws or changing from centralized to double chucking for the vice.
  • 3.A centralized chucking system that always locates symmetrically on zero. It is formed from the double chucking system by simply screwing in the centering bolts. The changeover time from double chucking will be within a minute.
  • 4.
    Integral jaw brake for easier handling :
    It is a compact structure of integral jaw brake for this vice. Once set up,the brake function remains active in reprtitive chucking operations. This function greatly facilitates clamping operations,especially when it is being used vertically.

Double and centralized chucking in one system

It is a versatile vice whether milling,drilling or grinding,offers flexible applications,high precision clamping and excellent repeatability. High tensile aluminum alloy ensures durability and exceptional stability.