• Significantly upgrade CNC 5-Axis Machines
  • Special 45° dovetail structure with teeth
  • The patented calibration system can regulate clamping center easily and rapidly

  1. Vise body is made of High quality Steel (S50C) and its slideways gone through high-frequency hardening to achieve HRC50°, which makes the whole part durable.
  2. Detachable jaws are made of High quality Tool Steel (SCM440) and gone through carburizing to achieve HRC55°. Since both sides are fixed size and able to be used as a datum, users can reverse them to increase clamping range.
  3. The vise's clamping force can achieve 1300KG, the repeatability positioning precision of its clamping center is within 0.015mm.
  4. Users can calibrate the clamping center of vise by adjusting the screws on both ends.
  5. The 45° dovetail structure with teeth on the upper jaw ensures the bottom of the workpiece to be firmly clamped.
5 axis vise

5 axis vise


SPECIFICATIONS (Material: Vise body S50C: HRC50º / Detachable Jaws SCM440: HRC55º )
Unit: mm