Pneumatic Super Hi-Pressure Vise (HBV-G)
Product Description
  • High-Force Cylinders hardly malfunction
  • Fixed Height so several vices can be used together
  • 1.Special High-Force Cylinders are designed to enhance clamping force of 0-6000kg and can be adjusted depends on the material of work-piece.
  • 2.Vice body is made of Ductile Iron above FCD 60 grade for high precision and durability.
  • 3.Slide ways are HARDENED to HRC 50° to further increase durability and maintain positioning height over long use.
  • 4.The special ANGLE-LOCK SYSTEM with compact design for high rigidity automatically pulls the work-piece down to the accurate position.
  • 5.High-Force Cylinders hardly malfunction.
  • 6.Special safety device to ensure the vice holds clamping force 20 minutes if the air supply is cut.
  • 7.Safety range is 4-4.5 mm.

Pneumatic power source 6kg/cm2