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Compact Double-Lock Vise
Compact Double-Lock Vise
Product Description
  • Designed with special device to hold 2 workpieces in different sizes (max. tolerance of 1.5mm) at the same time
  • The combinations of jaws enable different clamping tasks, center fixed jaw can be removed for clamping larger work piece.
  • Modular vise with fixed height, can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Especially suitable for small CNC machining centers, several vises can be used on a machine table

    • 2 pcs of Alignment Wedge
    • 4 pcs of Clamp
    • 1 pc of Wrench


    Soft Jaws are Available for being Ordered Separately

SPECIFICATIONS (Material: FCD 60 ductile Iron. Hardness: HRC 50º / Material of Soft Jaw: Steel )
Unit: mm
ModelAbEFGHWeight (kg)
CD-4” 120 80 18 245 275 102 18
Model CC1C2C3
  proimages/products/Vises/cd/c.png  proimages/products/Vises/cd/c1.png  proimages/products/Vises/cd/c2.png  proimages/products/Vises/cd/c3.png
CD-4”  70 35 95 166